Trailer Mounted Camps

Our primary design requirement is to produce camps to deal with the ruggedness of its environment, having to withstand constant transportation in difficult off-road areas. All of our trailers are therefore designed to withstand this environment. Being designed around a rigid frame, which provides excellent support against torsional forces that these camps incur from being moved to off-road areas.

As with all our products we pride ourselves in providing excellent quality to our clients by paying attention to the detail of the fit-out and all details in the design stage. Our units are specifically designed for off-road use. Our windows are fixed, our doors are hinged in three places for stability and provided with wind break restrainers that do not break and all bolts are made of the hardwearing stainless steel and nylock type. All furniture is built-in and made from thicker than ordinary materials so that we can deliver a suitable product of high quality that will last.