Slurry Mixing Truck

HJC16 can continuously provide quality slurry in batch before cementing, and can automatically control the density of slurry. It mainly consists of chassis, power system, ACM-III automatic mixing system, mixing tank & agitating system, hydraulic system, air system, lubricating system and electrical system. Powered by a deck engine, the hydraulic system driven by a transfer case, will output power for three centrifugal pumps and agitating motor. The truck is mainly suitable for the cementing operation which needs high quality slurry.

◆ Can continuously work and provide slurry in batch.
◆ Automatic and manual operation are both provided.
◆ Advanced density control, accurate ACM-Ⅲ slurry mixing system.
◆ Advanced mixing technology. High energy mixer, recirculating and impeller agitating will ensure stable quality slurry.
◆ Mixing tank is divided into two sections: mixing and equalizing, thus slurry quality is promoted.
◆ Non-radioactive densitometer for protection of personnel and environment.
◆ New style cement metering valve can avoid cement blocking.
◆ Convenient upgrading: users can easily upgrade to ACM-IV system.
◆ If automatic mixing system is removed, full manual mixing operation can be realized, which can save operation cost.
◆ Agitator installed in the mixing tank can prevent slurry sediment and caking.

Product Specifications For Slurry Mixing Truck