Choke Manifold

  • Chock/kill manifolds are important well control equipment to handle a kick and circulating it out of the bore hole, so as to resume pressure balance during a kick drilling operation.
  • The design and the manufacture of the manifolds are in accordance with API standards.
  • The valves provide small operation torque, reliable sealing, and excellent mechanical properties.
  • The major parts are specially heat treated, having good abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • Gate valves, manual choke valves, hydraulically powered choke valves, and check valves, are normally used on the choke and kill manifolds
  • Pressure gauges are furnished with the manifolds
  • Pressure sensor and remote control connection port are available with the choke manifolds.
  • Various types of manifolds in different pressures and sizes are available for customers option.
Product Specifications