1500HP Mechanical Land Drilling Rig

  • Model ZJ50/3150L and ZJ50/3150LB, 1500HP, mechanical land drilling rig is used to drill and complete 5000m deep oil, gas and water wells.
  • The drilling rig equipped with three diesels and two mud pumps as the main equipment. The driving mode is that three diesels drive drawworks, mud pumps, rotary table, and catheads through the hydraulic torque converter and the one-piece chain compound case. The rotary table and the catheads are driven through sloping right angle transfer case and the sloping cardan shaft as well as through above two components.
  • The rotary drilling operation condition has the higher drilling speed and torque converting range, the drawworks has also the higher hoisting speed range, and mud circulating system has the higher hydraulic horsepower and pump pressure.
  • The total modularized driving arrangement can satisfy the needs of prompt assembly and disassembly and convenient maintenance, adjustment, inspection and transportation.
  • For the sake of promoting the assembly and disassembly efficiency. The connection between substructure modules is the hasp connection or the end faces positioning bolt connection.
  • Because all driving components, are concentrated according to the arrangement principle of eight modules in the structural design, the truck number required for moving the drilling rig is reduced and the moving speed is improved.
  • The drawworks is installed in a low position, which solves the problem that it is difficult to hoist it onto the raised floor and keep the safety sense, and increases the effective utilization area of the drill floor.
  • To solve the problem that it is difficult to ensure the quality of the chain installation of the open type chain drive case and butt type chain compound case of the existing drilling rigs, which is one of causes of frequently breaking the chain, the integral chain compound case and the integral input chain drive case of drawworks are designed and manufactured by using one-piece process technique, promoting the installation quality and efficiency.
  • 7.5m drill floor height and 6.3m clear rotary beam height are favorable to the back flow of the mud into the well, the arrangement of mud tanks and the suction of mud pumps.
  • ‚ÄčThe mechanized wellhead tools (either the mechanical cathead or the hydraulic cathead) may reduce drilling workers' labor intensity.
Product Specifications