1000HP Electrical Land Drilling Rig

  • Model ZJ40/2250D and Model ZJ40/2250DB, 1000HP, electrical land drilling rigs are designed to drill and complete oil and gas wells with a depth of 2500m-4000m by using 4-1/2" API drill pipe. The drilling rigs are mainly equipped with 43m high open-front type mast, module mounted substructure with 6m drill floor height and 800mm rear drill floor height, chain-drive transmission system.
  • The rig components such as mast, substructure, traveling block, hook, swivel, rotary table, drawworks, etc, conform to API specifications and the industry standards.
  • The mast fabricated in a pin connection type cantilever structure, monkey board, stabbing board and other mast auxiliaries equipped the mast assembly, its dimensions suitable to install top drive unit.
  • The substructure can be manufactured in two-step raising and/or box-on-box substructure. And Steps, handrails, BOP handling trays and other appendixes equipment and facilities fully equipped with the substructure.
  • The main rig movers are diesel engine driven AC generators with enough power for operating the rig. The power drive system available in SCR (AC-SCR-DC) or VFD (variable Frequency Drive, AC-DC-AC) system .
  • The drawworks electrically driven by heavy duty DC or AC motors, with working speed continuously adjustable. Disc brake introduced as the main drum brake, and an eddy current brake also equipped with the drawworks unit.
  • The mud pumps equipped with the rig are single action, triplex slurry pumps, electrically driven by AC or DC truck motors used for the high pressure drilling fluid circulation, complete with mud discharge manifold, standpipe manifold and standpipe.
  • The hoist and traveling system has a nominal load capacity of 2250Kn.
  • A two air compressor source system is available on the rigs, used to power all the air users, such as air hoists, air pumps on BOP pressure control system, air winch on stabbing board.
  • A fully equipped mud circulation system including mud tanks, solids control equipment, mud conditioning equipment and circulation lines completed with the rig package.
  • Rotary table driven by an independent system consisting of chain box and universal shaft, powered by a frequency variable AC motor, or by gearbox and shaft powered by chain compound
  • An analog and digital drilling parameter and data monitor and recording system available on the rig.
  • The electrical applicants and equipment such as AC motors, lights, and switch boards, are explosion-proof and well protected.
  • Drilling instrument system monitor and record drilling operation data, including weight on bit, rotary table speed and torque, well depth, mud pump stroke and pressure, standpipe pressure, mud return volume, liquid level and volume of mud tanks, etc.
  • Water and fuel storage and transfer tanks equipped with the rig package  BOP and well kill/choke equipment and facilities shall be equipment with the rig package according to clients requirement.
Product Specifications