Manual Choke Valve

  • As trees and throttle production of the main components, mainly for the control of oil wells wellhead production, and its work-level pressure up to 10000 ps. Throttle-adjustable throttle and fixed throttle two types, adjustable hands to flow through the valve stem round led to adjust advance and retreat of mouth opening of the size of area to control, regulate production purposes. Through the replacement of fixed throttle to achieve Choke size control, regulate production purposes.
  • Fixed throttle valve and the valve cover oil used a zelaic connectivity, quickly and easily;
  • Stem thimble and Choke special carbide used in the manufacture kits, anti-corrosion, erosion-resistant;
  • The adjustable throttle valve design band stamped with the opening of protective plexi-glass signs can be seen everywhere Valve Rod arbitrary location when the actual expenditure pore size;
  • Round plastic hand for a 10,000 Rotary, clockwise rotation of the Commissioner.
  • ‚ÄčThe valves conform to API Spec 6A