Hammer Union

  • Various hammer unions on base of different connections: thread connection type, welding type and H2S service unions.
  • The valve sizes ranged from 1″ to 4″, and Max working pressure from 1000Psi to 20000psi.
  • Clear color code for pressure identification and nameplate
  • Seal rings and gaskets made of high quality sealing compound for enhancing load-bearing capacity and sealing performance and service life.
  • Wing nuts and rigid ACME introduced for quick installation and dismantling without special tools.
  • The unions made in English dimensions, and seal rings are fully interchangeable with SPM or FMC equivalent products; Marks of size and pressure in wing nuts in die-forging model.
  • ​Spherical adapters machined by precision NC machines and LP thread machined by special cutting tools for ensuring high sealing performance; Wing nuts machined by NC machines with high strength and load-bearing capacity; Welding materials and welding grooves conform to API 16C; Unions for H2S environment strictly manufactured to NACE-MR0175 and API RP-14E.

Product Specifications For Hammer Union