Double Engine Double Pump Trailer Mounted Cementing Unit

GJC100-30(70-30)T trailer-mounted cementing units are fitted with 3ZB-450 triplex plunger pump and two deck engines to provide power for two cementing pumps respectively. The hydraulic system is powered by an independent engine installed in the front, thus operation will be more stable and reliable. The units are equipped with ACM-III automatic mixing system which will produce high quality slurry.

◆ Max. working pressure, psi(MPa): 14147(97.5)
◆ Max. working displacement, gpm(L/min): 792(3000)
◆ LxWxH in.(mm): 480 x 105 x 154(12190x2650x3900)
◆ Gross weight lb(kg): 61700(28000)
◆ Model of chassis: THT9360TD semi-trailer
◆ Deck engine: DDC6064-MK33x2(CAT engines will be used)
◆ Power, hp(kW): 450(336)@2100r/min
◆ Front engine: DDC6044-TK33
◆ Power hp(kW): 275(205)@2100r/min
◆ Hydromechanical transmission: ALLISON HD4700 OFS
◆ Plunger pump assy: 3ZB-450×2
◆ Max. input power of each pump hp(kW):600(447)
◆ Plunger dia.: 4.5″(0114.3mm)+3″((D76.2mm) or 3.5″((D88.9mm)+4″(4)101.6mm)
◆ Mixing system: ACM-III automatic mixing system or Injection type mixing system