Chicksan Loops

  • Chicksan loop is one of piping components of high pressure fluid discharge pipelines, water supply lines, well test lines, cementing slurry lines and other HP supply lines. A chicksan loop is composed of swivel joints and straight pipe joints, and unions.
  • Good connection performances of flexibility, stability, quick installation and easy dismantling.
  • Swing swivels featured in flexibility, shock-resistance, vibration-resistance and large displacement.
  • They are connected with wing unions, and have a good sealing performance. They can be easily and quickly tightened or dismantled, and stored and shipped conveniently.
  • Three types of hose loops are available: short radius flexible manifolds, long radius flexible manifolds, and integral type flexible manifolds.
  • Sizes provided in 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″, and 4″, length of chicksan loops provided up to Client抯 requirements
  • ​Working pressure ranged from 5000psi to 15000psi, up to Client’s option.