2000HP VFD Drive Land Drilling Rig


  • Model ZJ70/4500DB, 2000HP, VFD drive land drilling rig is designed to drill and complete oil and gas wells with a depth below.
  • The rig naming and model coding and basic technical specification conform to Chinese National Standards. All key rig components conform to API specifications and API monogram permitted to be stamped.
  • The mast is designed in 45 meters high, suitable for installing 500-ton top drive unit, including monkey board, stabbing board, mast ladders, and other mast auxiliary parts.
  • The substructure is fabricated with a floor height of 9 meters or 10.5 meters high, attached with ramp, floor man escape kid, steps, and dog houses, etc.
  • The drilling rig is equipped with four diesel generator sets as the rig main mover, and one each 400Kw/50Hz assistant generator, intentionally designed to used while the main generators left standby
  • An Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system and motor control centers (MCC) well fabricated in two air-conditioned house units, inside equipped with generator control units, VFD drive panels, eddy power panel, PLC panel, MCC panels, AC power transformer unit, etc
  • Three each 1600HP, 5000psi working pressure, single action, triplex mud pump each driven by two each 800Kw,600Vac AC motor, or one each 1600HP AC motor
  • The mud pump discharge pipe manifold, including discharge line, standpipe manifold, standpipe, are equipped with the rig package.
  • One each 2000HP drawworks is designed to be driven by two each 800Kw, 600Vac, AC motor.
  • The rotary table is individually driven by an 800Kw AC motor and gearbox.
  • A 6-pit mud circulation available, including mud tanks, mud mixing system and mud condition system.
  • The solids control system consists of shale shaker, degasser, mud cleaner, centrifuge, and polymer shearing unit.
  • The drilling instrument system mainly consists of analog and digital drilling data watching and recording equipment. it will monitor and recording WOB, ROP, SPM, Standpipe pressure, rotary torque, mud return, and mud tank level monitors, etc.
  • Well control system, including BOPs, kill and manifolds and BOP control console, will provided up to client’sĀ option.
  • Auxiliary rig equipment, such as heavy-duty warehouses, tool skid, workshops and live camp unit can be furnished with the rig package.

Product Specifications For 2000HP VFD Drive Land Drilling Rig

Typical model



157ft, cantilever type pin connection mast


Two-step raising substructure

Nominal drilling depth

6000m with 5" drill pipe; or, 7000m with 4 1/2" Drill Pipe

Max. hook load of hoist system

4500kN or 1000000lbs

Floor Height

30ft or 34.5ft

Substructure clearance

25ft or 30ft

Max. input power of drawworks


Drive of drawworks

2 each 800Kw/600Vac, VFVS AC motor

Shifts and speed of of drawworks

1F+1R, speed continuously adjustable

Rotary table

37 1/2"

Drive of rotary table

Independently driven by one each AC motor

Size and quantity of drill line

1 1/2", 12 lines max. RH

No. and power of mud pump

3 x1600HP, triplex

Drive of mud pump

1 each 1200Kw/600Vac, VFVS AC motor

Main rig generator sets

4 each CAT 3512B/SR4, 1900KVA Gen set

Assistant generator set

1 each 400Kw, 400Vac, 50Hz AC gen. set

Drive system

VFD/MCC system in two air conditioned enclosures unit

High pressure mud manifold

4"OD, 5000psi, dual standpipe

Effective mud tank volume

320CBM or 2000bbls

Solids control

3 x shale shaker, 1 x degasser, 1 x mud cleaner, 1 x centrifuge, polymer shear unit

Drilling instrument

Analog and digital drilling data watching and recording system

BOP system recommended

13 5/8", 10000psi, 1xbag BOP, 1x single ram BOP, 1xdouble ram BOP, 7-channel BOP close unit

Choke and kill system recommended

4 1/16", 10000psi kill/choke manifolds and lines

Water tanks capacity


Fuel tank capacity